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Alright, I tried experimenting with Tumblr, and it’s pretty fun! I don’t think anyone comes here anymore, but if you do, here’s my tumblr! (I’ll still continue endtimesrecruit anyway.)



I Dug It Myself.

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I don’t know what I’m thinking, I’m capable of thinking and I’m incoherent. I need people to hear the words in my head, and not the words from what I speak.

I’ve thoughts, poems, bitterness and sweetness, murder, gifts, love, anomalies, abominations all as a grand picture of colours unseen and words undiscovered; yet strange normal words come out and I cannot express it through my lips.

I believe in the artist in my head painting with insanity and I believe the words he speak to me. He’ll never be the dead poet, as he is cursed with eternity. The orchestra booms as the puppeteer’s hands take the paint of imaginary colours which smear violently on the canvas of imperfection.

I taste, smell, touch and see his face and I believe in the artist, the poet, the parasite, in my head and I believe every single word he says – and I believe the lies; because I am the dead poet, contrary to him, and he lets me live, in my head, while I merely exist in this life. His lies bring me alive.

Can you see what I see; can you see this beautiful masterpiece, a collaboration of the dead poet and the living one – a blend of reality and fantasy.

The insanity of art, cannot only be seen, it must be felt.

Help Me Help Myself.

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Continue reading ‘Help Me Help Myself.’

Although it is a Stephenie Meyer film adaptation.

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Jared: “Could have been another Seeker.”
Ian: “She… it is the furthest thing from a Seeker I’ve ever seen. I mean, she jumped between you and Kyle, they don’t do that.”
Jared: “It was trying to find a way to stay alive, and to escape.”
Ian: “What, by giving Kyle the go-ahead to kill her… it? That’s a good plan.”
Jared: “What the hell has gotten into everybody, huh? It is the enemy. Don’t forget it.”
Ian: “You don’t feel bad at all. I’d have killed her.”
Jared: “It doesn’t matter. It’s not human.”
Ian: “So we stop acting human?”



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‘You thought we could be decent men, in an indecent time! But you were wrong. The world is cruel, and the only morality in a cruel world is chance. Unbiased, unprejudiced… fair. His son’s got the same chance she had. Fifty-fifty.”

Tonight, We Are Young.

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If you had asked me a few years ago what would I see myself as or doing right now, I wouldn’t exactly say what I am now is what I projected myself to be. Rather, I didn’t think I’ll go down the line this way. But I’ve been thinking.

I’m spending nights aimlessly at places where I feel accepted, as a part of the societal norms, be it at the clubs, or just out drinking, smoking, finding ways to get high and achieve a  happiness, excitement or adrenaline rush which is so temporary. But, then again, it’s been fun night in and night out, do I really regret it? The answer’s no, (well, but I can’t really keep up with the cash spent, but that is besides the point) I don’t regret what I am doing right now because I’m only young once.

People all around will always have a thing or two to tell you about being young; they advice you to do something meaningful, to do something for the future, like investing, or, figuring out your career path, set some life goals, planning for finances – well, stuff like that. It’s definitely a positive and something that I’ve been doing as well, but to put it as a focal point at the point in time of my life (or those out there as the same age as me or younger) and forgetting to have fun is such a waste of youthfulness!

Don’t get me wrong, it’s extremely pertinent to get the things I’ve mentioned above right (planning for the future etc), yet, some are so driven by it that they forget to go crazy, let loose, and just lose themselves in music, fun and enjoyment once in awhile – this IS the best time to do that, just because we have nothing substantial to lose. The majority of youths don’t have to worry about bills, or having a kid, a job (I stress, the majority), a spouse, so it’s hard for me to see what is there to lose by going crazy and enjoying being young once in awhile. It’s the best time, the best window of opportunity to live without responsibilities, even just for awhile, and to live like we are young.

This, although, is not an excuse to be flunking exams and squandering cash away like it’s water, and as cliche as this sounds, there’s always the need being at least a little grounded.

That aside, have fun, be it just going crazy like a party animal just binge drinking or having a few pints of good beer while watching football with friends; let go of some unnecessary responsibilities and don’t let growing old hinder you from going crazy. I’ve been partying week in and week out, and people do ask if I really enjoy it. Honestly, I do, and although I do feel that sometimes I may just be wasting my time dancing the nights away without a purpose or meaning, I would know that I am having fun and enjoying myself; as a youth do we really want to be so obsessed with doing everything meaningful with a purpose when we have a whole life ahead to figure out whatever we want to figure out?

There’s always time for growing up and there’s always time for growing old – we may be growing up a little too fast.


What’s in your head.

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Dropped the burden and load off my chest but the internal fight will always be weighing down in my head. I know why, but I don’t even know why.

I need some kind of escape, I need some kind of panacea.